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About Me


 I  am mostly half mad-scientist (in the studio) and half absent-minded   professor (in the real world), mom to 3 clever sons, and wife to one  smart husband. Since earning my BFA from the Corcoran College of Art and  Design, I have worked in paper arts, ceramics, photography,  printmaking, writing, and jewelry design.

My  work reflects things that intrigue and thrill me: shimmering, antique,  utilitarian, organic, embellished, magickal and more! I swoon over  gemstones and crystals, fossils and pottery fragments, charms and beads.  Bringing them together to turn everyday objects into personal treasures  -- whether it is jewelry, home decor, or magickal tools --each is a  pleasure to create and to share.  As I make each one, I wonder...who  does this belong to? When the customer and item find each other, that's  the real joy!

Current Projects


 Folks  who have known me for some time have seen my ever-changing projects and  products over the years; the pieces I design and craft constantly  evolve with each new skill, material, or style I explore.

 When  I decided to create my jewelry pieces using soft solder, or Tiffany  technique, I really fell in love with the possibilities. All the stones  and crystals I love can be involved, all the charms and tokens come into  play, my ceramics can also get in the game, and my customers can own a  one-of-a-kind jewelry item without breaking the bank. The metal itself  is primarily tin, with elements of zinc, copper and silver; there is no  nickel or aluminum. 

 In  the FAQ section, you can read more about the process, and find links to  further info.  My shop and events will feature jewelry and decor done using this method; to my delight, it has already been a big hit with my customers.

In the Studio


As always, my workspace is awash with a wide assortment of jewelry, featuring gemstones, crystals, ceramic accents and more. I have also begun work on ceramic text elements that convey messages of identity (chosen pronouns), attitude (current mood), sense of self (faith, spirit, beliefs) and other wearable statements. The photo gallery has some snapshots of these works-in-progress.

I am also continuing to create hanging decor in the form of embellished bud vases, posy pockets (coming soon), mobiles and well as home decor such as boxes, votive holders, lighter covers, smoking accessories, bells...and whatever else I can dress up! Be sure to join the mailing list for new listings and design announcements, special sales, and event info.



 What is Tiffany Technique? 

 Louis Comfort Tiffany took the long-used  method of adhering copper foil to the edges of  colored glass, then attaching them together with solder (leaded) to  create all manner of objects d'art. He was inspired by the  stained  glass windows in churches and cathedrals, and brought that beauty into  the home. Now the term is commonly used to describe jewelry and other  items made using unleaded solder with glass, gems, shells, beads, and  other elements.

What is the process like?

There are many steps, but in a nutshell:

  • choose elements (stones, gems, etc) and sketch design
  • apply copper tape to edges of each element, and burnish smooth
  • Apply flux to the copper, use a soldering iron to apply molten solder, which adheres to the copper
  • Connect elements together with more solder, add decor and bails
  • Use various sanding and buffing methods to smooth the solder
  • Scrub with mild soap to remove traces of flux and other debris
  • Apply a darkening patina to create contrast; wipe excess, and buff with fine steel wool
  • One more soap scrub to clean up, and polish with jewelry polish, add chain or beads, Voila!

 What is the hardest part?

For  me, its being patient. It can't be rushed, or mistakes will be made. I  have overheated stones and cracked them, burned my fingers with the 750  degree iron, wasted sterling wire by not measuring properly...that's  just a few! But I push on, because when a piece is complete, the  satisfaction is immense!

Upcoming Events



  • CT Pagan Pride Day:

                April 26, 10 am to 4pm


  • Gothic Arts Market


Happy Campers



 "Beautiful  unique art. I have several of her pieces and I love them all. I  get  constant compliments on the necklaces. The owner is wonderful to  work  with."
-Allie N.  
  "What  I do know is this...Nici's craftsmanship is impeccable. Her  artistic  vision is stellar, and the love, magick and heart that goes into  every  piece she creates is palpable. "
-Barbara W. 
 "A  truly enchanted and magical collection of beautiful art that you can   wear and use. Nici is an inspired artist who knows her precious and  semi-precious gems and stones, and weaves beauty and magic into every  item  she makes. "
-Mari-Anne M.